John F. Amodeo. [55], "Listen, here is the law! New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub; City of Woodbury Daily COVID-19 Statistics; Gloucester County COVID-19 Information and Resources; Local Food Banks and Pantries; New Jersey COVID-19 Jobs and Hiring Portal; Office of the Governor; Home . Frank Hague (January 17, 1876 – January 1, 1956) was an American Democratic Party politician who served as the Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey from 1917 to 1947, Democratic National Committeeman from New Jersey from 1922 until 1949, and Vice-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1924 until 1949. Jersey City Mayor 32 Years Had National Influence", "Once a modern marvel, Beacon of Jersey City sold after hitting rough times", The Pragmatic Populism of a Non-Partisan Politician: An Analysis of the Political Philosophy of Charles Edison,, Political corruption in the United States, American political bosses from New Jersey, Burials at Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Frank Hague, Jr. Commissioner of Revenue & Finance. He was fined $100 and stripped of his duties as Deputy Sheriff.[17]. While City Hall employed a few dozen custodians, there were hundreds of workers in the Street and Water Department. W. James Parent, Vice-Mayor. [36], Hague soon extended his influence statewide by helping to elect his "puppets" as governor. [37], He also had the support of a significant faction of Republicans which dated to his initial election as mayor, when he cut a deal with then-Governor Walter Edge in which Edge effectively ceded North Jersey to Hague in return for keeping South Jersey for himself. Maury Blumberg. [16] Over this time, Hague took a leadership role in the Second Ward Democratic club. "[33] At the heart of this change was an inner cadre of officers known as the Zeppelin Squad or "zepps" who were personally loyal to Hague alone. In 1913, the first election for the city commission saw 91 men on the ballot competing for five available seats on the commission. Memorial Town Hall, 340 Franklin Avenue, Scott Plaza, Wyckoff, NJ 07481-1907 | Ph: (201) 891-7000 | Fax: (201) 891-9359 Town Hall Office Hours: M-F: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm | T: 6:00 pm - … As a result of this campaign, Hague came under the scrutiny of The Jersey Journal, which had supported the proposed charter change. It also set up a new state Supreme Court, which was given supervision over the state's judges. [54], "We hear about constitutional rights, free speech and the free press. Skip to Main Content COVID-19 INFO COVID is still active in Woodbridge, wear a mask & social distance. The city also has extensive plans to address the substantial expected losses of revenue.”. [38] He was also able to avoid prosecution despite numerous federal and state investigations in part due to the fact he took most of his kickbacks in cash. With Thanksgiving Thursday, the mayor is asking residents essentially to "lock their" city … Margate City, New Jersey Municipal Building is open: Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Now in his twenty-seventh year as Mayor of Elizabeth, a diverse city of nearly 125,000 and the fourth largest city in New Jersey, J. Christian Bollwage has created a more efficient city government while sparking $800 million in economic redevelopment. The new Acting Director will fill the position left vacant by the Department’s first-ever Director, John Metro, who was recently appointed the role of Acting Business Administrator by the Mayor. Sworn in on January 1, 2020, my present four-year term expires on December 31, 2023. [22] As a result, Hague supported H. Otto Wittpenn for mayor in the 1907 election. [37] In the 1919 gubernatorial election, Hague endorsed State Senator Edward I. Edwards and aggressively campaigned for him. ”Liz has been a great asset to our finance team, and is the best fit to further lead the city in our objective to best serve the residents and businesses citywide, ” said former Director of Finance John Metro, and current acting Business Administrator. Hague retaliated by having his handpicked U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey bring federal indictments against Van Riper, but Van Riper was acquitted. Steven M. Fulop, Mayor. The turnaround came about during a dispute with labor boss and former supporter Theodore "Teddy" Brandle, whose attempts to organize the work crews on the Pulaski Skyway construction project (1930–32) touched off a labor war so intense that local newspapers called it "the war of the meadows."[48]. [21], Hague broke ties with "Boss" Davis in 1906 over a difference of opinion on a candidate for appointment to the city Street and Water Board. According to the Boston Evening Transcript of October 4, 1904, Dugan had deposited a forged check for $955 in the Peoples Bank of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and convinced the bank manager to let him withdraw $500. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History from Howard University in Washington, D.C. and a Master’s Degree in Education Supervision from St. Peter’s University in Jersey City. A Message from our Mayor and Commissioners Welcome to Ventnor! Fulop has been the mayor of New Jersey's second largest city since 2013, but his salary, in some cases, is less than mayors of towns that are significantly smaller. [17], Upon returning to Jersey City, Hague was found guilty of contempt of court for ignoring the subpoena. [11], By age 14, Hague was expelled from school prior to completing the sixth grade for poor attendance and unacceptable behavior. [15], Hague's victory in the Constable election brought him to the attention of Hudson County Democratic political boss "Little Bob" Davis, and Davis asked Hague to help get out Democratic votes for the upcoming 1897 Mayoral election. "[10], Hague was interred in a large mausoleum at Holy Name Cemetery in Jersey City. Due to a change in election law approved by Jersey City voters at the end of 2016, mayoral elections now take place in November instead of May. On November 2, 2015, I was elected by the citizens of the City of Burlington to serve as Mayor for a four-year term. In 1917, Hague, with his reputation as the man who cleaned up the police force, ran for reelection. Wittpenn was a reformer who opposed the control Davis held over Hudson County politics. The five commissioners would choose one of their colleagues to be mayor. 280 Grove Street. At the time of its completion, the Medical Center was one of the biggest medical facilities in the country and included the Medical Center Hospital, Pollak Chest Diseases Hospital, Murdoch Hall, and Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital, named in honor of Hague's mother. [49] Hague spent much of the decade inveighing against Communists and labor unions,[37] and his attempts to suppress the CIO's activities in Jersey City led to a U.S. Supreme Court decision, Hague v. Committee for Industrial Organization 307 U.S. 496 (1939), that is a cornerstone of law concerning public expression of political views on public property. [36] This allowed him to significantly influence the makeup of the commission in this overwhelmingly Democratic city. Mayor Gusciora Announces New COVID-19 Restrictions to Combat Second Wave of Infections. Although Hague, like other political bosses of the time, was not above outright fraud at the polls, the keys to Hague's success were his matchless organizational skills and demand for complete loyalty from his subordinates. [33] The "zepps" would spy on, and report back to Hague about other members of the department. Michael Santiago, Mayor. TAKE NOTICE that the City of Passaic has filed a request with the New Jersey Department of ... Meet Your Mayor. "[35] The ticket consisted of him, Parks Commissioner Moore, Revenue Commissioner George Brensinger, ex-judge Charles F.X. In spite of the resulting press coverage of the event, Hague was more deeply embraced by his constituency. O'Brien and City Clerk Michael I. Fagan. [2] His desk, according to legend, had a specially designed lap drawer which could be pushed outward towards the person with whom he was meeting. Hague ignored a subpoena to testify in Hudson County Court and traveled to Massachusetts to provide an alibi for Dugan. “As a single mother, a Jersey City resident, and a Latina, I’m beyond humbled to be entrusted by Mayor Fulop with this great opportunity to continue the important work within the newly established Division of Finance. Wyckoff New Jersey. He relied on two ordinances of dubious constitutionality to muzzle critics. He put together a commission ticket called "The Unbossed. You never heard a real American talk in that manner." When Socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas came to speak on behalf of the CIO during a May Day rally in Journal Square, Hague's police swept Thomas and his wife into a car, took them to the Pavonia ferry and sent them back to New York. Welcome to The City of Ocean City, New Jersey! Sincerely, Mayor Charles Washington, Jr. Mayor Beth Holtzman and Commissioners Lance B Landgraf Jr. and Tim Kriebel believe that Ventnor City government must live within its means, foster an environment that promotes economic growth, behave ethically in its business dealings, and protect our precious natural resources while balancing them with the needs of the … Best Wishes, Your Mayor, Michael J. Venezia Coronavirus COVID-19 Information If you have general questions about COVID-19 please call the NJ Department of Health NJ COVID-19 & Poison Center Public Hotline at 1-800-222-1222 or 1-800-962-1253 if using an out-of-state phone line. [10] The ward was created when the Republican-controlled legislature gerrymandered a district within Jersey City in 1871 to concentrate and isolate Democratic, and mostly Catholic, votes. [32] As a result of having garnered the most votes (21,419) former mayor Fagan became the first mayor under this new form of government, and the only Republican to hold that title in Jersey City for the following 75 years. This allowed his "guests" to discreetly deliver bribes in the form of envelopes containing large amounts of cash. The current mayor is Steven Fulop. Website Disclaimer Report an Issue. [33] Hague spearheaded crackdowns on prostitution and narcotics trafficking, earning him favor with religious leaders. The only Wittpenn-supported candidate, A. Harry Moore, was also elected. For example, county prosecutors were now directly accountable to the state attorney general. The Jersey Journal wrote: "Cops on duty were using clubs and blackjacks to assist Mayor Wittpenn and Frank Hague defeat the Davis men."[27]. Mayor McCormac has a long and distinguished career in New Jersey. The official website of City of Paterson, New Jersey. Public Meetings. As of September 2013, the desk was in storage awaiting restoration. Mayor Holtzman. The newly established Department of Finance is tasked with all budgetary management. [33] These enforcement acts went as far as Hague himself marching across local Vaudeville stages personally directing the shut down of "girlie shows. Mayor Thomas Lankey. Over the objections of Davis, newly elected Mayor Wittpenn appointed Hague as chief custodian of City Hall – a "cushy" job with plenty of patronage opportunities. /UserFiles/Servers/Server_6189660/Image/City%20Hall/rotundawithflagCrop.jpg,/UserFiles/Servers/Server_6189660/Image/City%20Hall/CityHallExtTwo.jpg,/UserFiles/Servers/Server_6189660/Image/Community/Diversity/Welcoming%20Communities/FulopSigningSanctuaryTWO.jpg, Mayor Fulop Appoints Elizabeth Castillo as Acting Director of the newly established Department Finance, Mayor Appoints Elizabeth Castillo Director Finance, City of Jersey City | All Rights Reserved | Powered by. [38] Also, as public safety commissioner (a post he held throughout his entire tenure), he controlled the two departments with the most patronage appointments in the city. [28] Wittpenn's opponents successfully petitioned for a change in the date of the vote on the charter change, moving it from September to mid-July, and the proposal was defeated. Welcome to the City of Ventnor, where we serve over 10,000 residents and over 20,000 visitors each year. Adrian O. Mapp is in his second term as Mayor of the City of Plainfield. An aggressive agenda marks his leadership, focused on rebuilding the city's economy and ensuring opportunity for all residents. Liz Castillo’s accounting career spans more than 21 years of combined experience in governmental, manufacturing, and managerial roles, during which time she also obtained state licensure as a Certified Municipal Financial Officer. A 1930 ordinance gave the public safety commissioner—Hague himself—the power to turn down permits for meetings if he felt it necessary to prevent "riots, disturbances or disorderly assemblage." [50] While hundreds gathered to see the casket depart the funeral home, only four men were seen to remove their hats for the passing of the coffin. We look forward to you getting to know Salem City and invite you to make our home your home. “Liz Castillo is the epitome of what hard work can accomplish - having started as a clerk for HHS in 2003, she has a track record of success in every step of her career, leading up to her new role as Acting Director of Finance,” said Mayor Fulop. [52] Even at the time the Medical Center was too large to operate cost-effectively. New Jersey Voter Registration Application (Español) Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Residents' Emergency Preparedness Guide. [36], Technically, Hague's only responsibility as mayor was to appoint the school board. JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop announces New Jersey’s first municipal-subsidized, on-demand rideshare service, Via Jersey City, is a major success for the community, breaking records in ridership and exceeding the city’s goals of effectively closing transit desserts in communities that need it most. The City of Northfield is a suburban community located in Atlantic County, New Jersey. [15] Hague's efforts were credited with generating large voter turnout in the Second Ward for the 1897 and 1899 elections. She has been an active volunteer in Summit for more than 30 years. Hague himself became very wealthy, owning a $125,000 summer home in Deal, living in a large apartment in the best building in the city, and able to give a $50,000 altar to a local Catholic church. This act would place all executive and legislative powers in a five-man commission, each of whom would head a city department. Hague campaigned heavily against the idea in the Horseshoe, claiming that such a system of citywide elected commissioners would erode the influence of the working-class and consolidate power among the city's elite. Jersey City, NJ 07302. Moore topped the poll, and traditional practice called for him to be appointed mayor. Hague proclaimed himself leader of the New Jersey Democratic Party, and Edwards allowed him to recommend dozens of appointments to high state offices. Democrats won five out of eight gubernatorial races between 1919 and 1940, more often than not due to massive landslides in Hudson County. Nora Radest is serving her second term as Mayor of Summit, NJ. [34] His meetings with Congressmen resulted in no action, Congress having decided that Jersey City was an "appropriate port. The beginning of the end for Hague came in 1943, when former governor Walter Edge was returned to office. Hague was named public safety commissioner, with control over the police and fire departments. Otherwise, he was merely first among equals, with no powers over and above the other four commissioners. 2016 I was re-elected on November 5, 2019. However, he was able to have his nephew, Frank Hague Eggers, chosen as his successor. [51], Hague's pride and joy was the Jersey City Medical Center, which he began creating almost as soon as he became mayor. I am the law! [3][4] However, according to New Jersey preservationist John Hallanan, the drawers were a traditional feature of 19th century partners desks and that "[t]he last thing [Hague] would need to do is take a bribe personally". However, when the commission met for the first time on May 11, Hague was chosen as the new mayor. Hague never adapted his methods to the new groups. 2000 3. Box 95120 Camden, NJ 08101-5120 Phone: 856-757-7200 Email: [email protected] Mayor's Initiatives Team Up! Health care professionals and first responders will be prioritized in the first round of vaccines. As local governments nationwide face crippling budgetary burdens, the Fulop Administration’s proactive steps to aggressively address unprecedented financial hardships amid the health and economic crisis have helped alleviate taxpayer burdens while creating a more resilient and sustainable economic future for Jersey City. When Wittpenn's administration began facing troubles, including Fagan's discovery of a Pennsylvania Railroad property that had paid no taxes for four years, Wittpenn blamed Davis. Honorable Francisco "Frank" Moran Office of the Mayor 520 Market Street City Hall, Room 400 P.O. In at least two instances of alleged voting fraud in the 1930s (Ferguson v. Brogan, 112 N.J.L. While training at a local gym for his own potential debut as a prizefighter, he arranged to become manager for Joe Craig, a professional lightweight boxer. Edge also initiated reforms in the civil service, freeing it from Hague's control. Hague died on New Year's Day in 1956 at his 480 Park Avenue duplex apartment in Manhattan, New York City. Thomas Lankey’s distinguished career in finance and management spans thirty years. [20] He also spent his time cleaning up the loose ends of the Second Ward's south-end Democratic Club to consolidate his power. As a reward for his work, Hague was appointed as a deputy sheriff at a salary of $25 per week. As a reward for his efforts in turning out votes in the 1905 election, Bob Davis named Hague as the party leader for the Second Ward and arranged for Hague to be appointed as Sergeant at Arms for the New Jersey State Assembly. [28] Wittpenn quickly endorsed the idea of converting Jersey City to a commission form of government, but was opposed by forces, including Hague, attempting to take control of the party. Mayor Barry W. Conaway. Despite the recent odds against local governments, the Mayor’s actions were recently cited by Moody’s credit rating as reason to earn a “stable” rating this year compared to most other cities seeing credit downgrades and negative reviews. By the 1940s it had grown into a 10-building complex that provided virtually free medical care to Jersey City residents. Pay. [45] This ended in 1949 when John V. Kenny, a former Hague ward leader alienated by the appointment of Eggers, put together his own commission ticket. [30] Hague's work as head of the Department of Street Cleaners even convinced The Jersey Journal to endorse him as a "reform candidate" in the next election.[31]. [19] Hague took a job as a collector for a local brewery, leaving him with time to spend in the streets and the local taverns which were hubs of political activity. His father, the late Amiri Baraka, was a legendary poet and playwright. The latest version of the New Jersey Municipal Salary Report includes salaries for over 40 municipal positions. City Leaders attend special event at the Specialization Center Historic District Bridgeton has New Jersey's largest historic district with 2,200 structures; it covers more than a quarter of the 6.2 square miles of Bridgeton
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