To give you an analogy, it was like the experience when you remove haze from a window, or walk out a screen door and you're now able to see and hear without any barrier. A great addition! I am "a person who is especially interested in high-fidelity sound reproduction". 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 10 100 1000 10000 100000 Frequency Impedance in Ohms-60-40-20 0 … They sound so pure, detail and have a very wide sound stage with enough bass with no bloom. Frequency response: +/- 3.7dB 55Hz-20kHz ; +/- 2.9dB 80Hz-20kHz. It's a superior product for the discerning music lover who demands the finest musical reproduction possible. Well balanced from lows to highs. One of the most beautiful sounding headphones i have ever heard so far in my life, they live up to the name of being extremely clear. I love the low impedance, they are so easily driven! I like the 3 cords that come with it that allow me to make more that one type connection to either the Brookly DAC via the specialized XLR adapter, McIntosh Preamp or Marantz 8802A AV Preamp, and Iphone 6s. When I read these are light on bass I just can’t imagine why anyone would want more without distorting the true sound Plenty of bass. SOFORT LIEFERBAR - Focal Clear offener Kopfhörer.Gewinner des EISA AWARD Best Product 2018-2019. This very high-end circum-aural headphones manufactured at Focal is equipped with a new generation of exclusive electrodynamic speaker drivers, capable of working at low acoustic load while offering an extremely extensive frequency response (5Hz – 40kHz). Mainly, I lke the sound. Pretty lightweight, so comfortable to wear for a longer music session. CLEAR! And don’t bring these headphones to the library. This includes a 3.5mm aux cable, gold-plated 3.5mm adapter, and a … I will listen more, with careful and side by side with the Hifiman HE-6, both pushed by the Mjolnir 2, by the Siemens valves. The lower treble feels slightly cut, contributing to a sense of space in the high end. It is almost 3 dimensional as I feel I can hear one instrument coming from the front left and another from the rear right in the mammoth earcups which fit well over my ears and onto my face. The first one is the frequency response comparison uncompensated (no diffuse-field correction applied), and the … In addition, the silver colored paint on the plastic parts tends to flake off easily. 3, articulating deep, infrasonic, and rich organ notes with ease. © 2018 Focal-JMLAB. Loudspeaker Data & Preference Ratings. Would recommend these headphones. I'm still breaking them in, but I really like the headphones. Focal Clear-the most musical and satisfying headphone I have had the pleasure of listening to and owning! In broad brush terms the Clear performs a lot like its siblings, the Elear and Utopia. Er wurde von den besten Technologien und akustischen Entwicklungen, die wir an unserem Referenzkopfhörer Utopia vorgenommen haben, inspiriert und erzeugt einen außergewöhnlichen Klang. FOCAL HEADPHONES SPECIFICATIONS. If you still have MP3 files in your musical collection, get ready to trash them all. Think of the difference between the sound of your average car engine and the smooth purr of a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Thanks Focal for making music enjoyable again! Sein mechanischer Aufbau weist ein ausgereiftes und stilvolles Design auf und ist dank des massiven Bügels aus Aluminium ausgesprochen klar. Priced at $1499, the Clear is intended to be the best option Focal offers for under $1500. At the same time it is more forgiving than other more analytical reference cans that don’t ‘play nice’ with some of your older music which hasn’t been remastered. The clarity is amazing. Frequency response (tonal balance) is the most sound-determining aspect of headphones. That pressure-free feel is by design. A reference headphone for neutral and dynamic listening sessions. It's a very intimate listening experience that takes you through the inner anatomy and details of a song. Only problem is a rattle at high volumes in the sub bass and low frequency!!!! Here are the frequency response plots for the Focal Elex equipped with their stock pads, as well as those of the Elear, Elegia, Clear, Stellia and Utopia: Focal Elex - Pad Rolling (300Hz).png 1600×853 112 KB. The Clear’s musical reproduction is so pristine and distortion free that these cans will seduce you into playing your music loudly. Demo units courtesy of: Frequency Response measurements and graphs for In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) and earphones. I focused intently, however, on high-res FLAC and ALAC material from B&W’s Society of Sound, Chesky Records, and other sources. Exactly what I was searching for. Die Mikrofaserpolster bieten eine Offenheit, die in dieser Preisklasse einmalig ist. Completely satisfied, and a Focal convert. Quality throughout. Dank seines exklusiven Breitbandchassis zeigt er maximale Klangleistung. Overall an excellent headphone. The quality of the build and the superlative sound signature of these soon to be legends cannot be understated. Ein Kopfhörer mit einer einmaligen Transparenz. The French audio maker Focal has done it again. I run them with a Marantz HD-DAC1 with FLAC files off my PC. I'm totally thrilled with my purchase. You guys have hit the nail in the head. I would have more trouble if I were writing this about the Elear. You've outdone yourselves, FOCAL. Great headphone I actually prefer the tonality over the Utopia. Wonderful for jazz and acoustic guitars. JUST GOT THEM SO FAR SO GOOD.VERY COMFORTABLE. I like the case also. imho. Also, their shorter cable is black and white, while the Elear’s is all black. The primary musical genre I listen to is Classic Rock, 70's & 80's. Fantastic product! It will lay naked any bad or compressed recordings you have in your collection. I can’’t find any negative factor to mention, with the quality apparent from the packaging and accessories, through to the headphones themselves. I directly compared the 24-bit/192kHZ FLAC and 16-bit/44.1kHz AAC encoded versions of Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack from my music server, and was startled at how strikingly pristine and detailed the high-res version came through compared to the AAC version via the AVM 60/Focal Clear combo. Build quality and design are superb. Once you listen to their openness, dynamics, and transparency, and timbral accuracy, you just can’t go back to other headphones. Übertrifft weit meine Erwartungen. Das Kabel ist zu steif und passt sich somit nicht den Bewegungen an. Focal clear is the beat headphone I have ever perchased and feel satisfied about it, probably will try Utopia next time. But they cannot be my primary choice as I find them to be lean on bass. The Base is also crisp, accurate and appropriate for the sound of the recording. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Focal points out that the headband’s bend remains constant regardless of a person’s head size. leather ear cups/head piece and the color - gray. Although they have some weight, once I got everything adjusted, I barely feel the headphones and just feel the music. So Arche is an all-in-one solution, which also offers presets for every set of Focal High-Fidelity headphones (Utopia, Stellia, Clear, Elegia et Elear) to make sure you get the absolute best from this ultimate combination: owners of Focal headphones can therefore be sure they are enjoying a combination of electronics and acoustics that is carefully thought out and specially developed from the very outset. Like many other headphones, the … With an impedance of 55 Ohms and a sensitivity of 104dB, you can drive them with just about any smart device or DAP. Spacious recordings have a relaxed presentation with a deep,and wide soundstage that's beyond what you'd expect from a headphone. Very lovely and well balanced. Also the upper frequencies are a bit too recessed and the mids a bit too forward. Quality sound but the originals, even remastered just don’t sound all that great with this degree of analysis so it is clear that in the reasonably unreasonable price range we are looking at, the 800S would be a great second headphone if I could afford it but not my daily driver. The comfort is amazing! Elegia integriert eine neue Generation von exklusiven Breitband-Lautsprechern, die in der Lage sind, in einem kleinen Volumen zu arbeiten, und dabei eine außergewöhnliche Dynamik und genaueste Klangpräzision ermöglichen. Stunning sound. I desire a pair of headphones that sound great to me without an equalizer, though I do use Amara sQ+ along with my iMac as my primary source. I have had these headphones for only a few weeks, but absolutely love them. A horizontal line shows audible neutral response in the plots on this website. I listen to Nivarna, NAS ,Prince, Bowie , Run DMC to my beloved Carpenters, and on..... and the Clear just make them all sound better. The sound is detailed, revealing open and clear. I had no problem using the Focal Clear headphones with an iPhone 7, an Astell&Kern AK70, or a Sony NWZ-A17. The Focal Clear delivered the most intense, dynamic, and detailed presentation of Sarah McLachlan’s Bloom remix album that I’ve ever heard in a headphone. The only gripe I have is cracking and bass rattle in right ear. Apart from wondering just how much all these extras add to the retail price, we’re not totally happy with the cable options. Period. The sound is also fun and engaging. Demo units courtesy of: Frequency Response measurements and graphs for In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) and earphones. Between the two ear cup molds, you’ll find a generous space capable of holding any of the three thickly braided cable options. When evaluating the frequency response score with the Average calibration profile, the pair to pair consistency of the given model is taken into account – if we have measured a considerable frequency response inconsistency among multiple pairs of the given model, the score drops, as the profile loses accuracy. Listening to Quboz on Roon/HQPlayer through a Sony TA-ZH1ES DAC/Headphone Amp sounds great, with the balanced 4-pin cable included with the Clear. Sobald man den Kopf bewegt gibt es Knackgeräusche, die sich besonders bei kleinen Lautstärken deutlich hören lassen. Focal’s literature invites praise for the Clears’ high‑frequency detail and their bass response. Impressive sound and clarity. From the first note, I was absolutely floored by the Clear’s performance. Sometimes you know when something is just right. I purchased my Focal Clear headphones from Amazon. Read full InnerFidelity review here: All the headphones I have owned before had flaws, I cannot personally find one on these. Speakers Aeon Flow which are so very comfortable and check a lot of those boxes but are a bit too warm and just don’t rise to the level of the Focal Clear. So much better that I was willing to pay the 500€ more. Build quality is outstanding, accessories are all that you ever need. Very Highly Recommended. Focal Clear provide Incredible Improvements to my Musical Enjoyment. Letztendlich gewährleisten die Polster mit Formgedächtnis einen optimalen Tragekomfort für das Ohr, der für langes Musikhören unabdingbar ist. They have earned my highest recommendation. Tonality & Frequency Response. I fired up Lorde’s “Royals”, Holly Cole's, "I Can See Clearly Now," Rebecca Pidgeon's "Spanish Harlem," Alanis Morissette’s “Woman Down,” Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' "Please Read the Letter," and Hans Zimmer's "Imagine the Fire," from the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack for a start. You'll hear your musical collection like the first time. This design spreads out the weight of the headphone evenly, preventing too much pressure on the ears or head. The high frequencies of the Focal Clear Professional headphones have a sense of air, extension, and delicacy. Deviations in different severities at different frequency bands have an effect on the sound character. Replaces a pair of Sennheiser HD600. Joined Jun 1, 2020 Messages 904 Likes 1,008. But in direct comparison, the Clear was suddenly more accurate and precise. I just received the FOCAL Clear today, one day after ordering from HeadAmp. I discerned new details and nuances in "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" that I’ve never noticed in the hundreds of times I’ve played this song across systems. Read full InnerFidelity review here: Excellent build quality and a really nice case. Auch bei der Verwendung mit tragbaren Playern bietet dieser Kopfhörer ebefalls bemerkenswerte Qualität. Dank des durchdachten Designs des Bügels eignet er sich für alle Kopfgrößen. Der Utopia setzt auf Innovation und ist der weltweit erste Kopfhörer auf dem Markt mit einem Breitbandchassis, der auf der Rückseite komplett offen ist und über eine Membran mit „M“-Profil aus reinem Beryllium verfügt. FOCAL, the best HPs on Earth. The Elear tests at an impressive demonstrated frequency response of 5Hz to 23kHZ. Thumbs up. But I believe it will become what I want after a little bit time of using. Auch das stilvolle Design trägt zum neutralen Klang bei: Dank der Polster mit Überzug aus mikroperforiertem Gewebe und der Form des Bügels ist er leicht, komfortabel und praktisch komplett offen. Highly recommended. Ear cup replacements are expensive. Very beautiful headphone. Clear excels at reproducing a recording’s spacial characteristics. This combination is perfect. The Focal's impedance-magnitude trace has a clearly defined minimum value at 40Hz, which would be the tuning frequency of the port in a reflex design; however, with its three woofers and two ports, the Aria 936's low-frequency behavior is complicated. The best headphone I've ever bought. Very precise and clean sounding. I like the clarity of the lyrics in vocals, You can actually understand the words in the song. I LOVE these astounding headphones! Focal’s Clear ranks right up there with the most memorable. All graphs & data @amirm, phase & impedance graph, please and thank you. Für diesen hochwertigen geschlossenen Kopfhörer haben wir das Beste aus unseren exklusiven Technologien kombiniert, die in unseren Werkstätten in Frankreich entwickelt und gefertigt werden. Freelance contributor, Now enough of what I love but are not my primary choice and onto the incredible luscious and delightful Focal Clear-the most musical and satisfying headphone I have had the pleasure of listening to and owning! In broad brush terms the Clear performs a lot like its siblings, the Elear [HFN Apr ’17] and Utopia [HFN Feb ’17]. The first thing to notice is that it looks dipped around 4-6khz - at least relative to the target. Type Circum-aural open-back headphones Impedance 55 Ohms Sensitivity 104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz THD 0,25% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL Frequency response 5Hz-28kHz Loudspeaker 1.6" (40mm) Aluminum/Magnesium 'M'-shape dome … This will make working with most instruments and voices harder. Focal, the high-end speaker manufacturer out of Saint-Étienne, France has expanded its high-end headphone line with a new entrant called Clear. But best of all it is just so musical. Complex musical layers snapped into focus. That distinction belongs to the $4,000 Utopia. Great headphones. Specifically, these are 55-ohm headphones that produce 104 dB of output at 1 mW. Just purchase these headphone they are amazing There are good ones out there that won't break the bank. The reviews online support my initial impression. I think they are the best headphones I have ever heard. Highly recommend these headphones! Ansonsten: Hörgenuss pur, After break in for my ears about 100 Hours love sound of music. You have to hear these headphones and then you will understand the genius and quality of Focal. Die Website von Focal setzt Cookies ein, um Ihre Navigation auf der Website zu verbessern, für statistische Zwecke und die Messung der Besucherzahl, Werbung und Personalisierung. Made in our Focal Workshops in St. Etienne France, Clear is our newest reference high-fidelity headphone, taking inspiration from our best technologies found in Utopia and innovations that defined Elear. Wow! He's also a passionate audiophile and home theater aficionado. Only tried them to make sure they're working, so I can burn 'em in for about 40 hrs. Breathtaking! Stunning build quality and beautifully presented, they sound every bit as good as they look. I love every aspect of these headphones. When I read these are light on bass I just can’t imagine why anyone would want more without distorting the true sound Plenty of bass. These have become my “daily driver” and practically the only headphones I want to listen to with other reference high end headphone’s available. In a general sense, the high frequencies tend to lean upward toward the upper octave. Dank seines stilvollen und raffinierten Designs und seiner wertigen Materialien - wie dem Bügel aus Karbonfaser und den Polstern mit echtem Lammlederbezug - erfüllt er alle Kriterien eines absolut erstklassigen Kopfhörers. It show how these headphones can easily be pushed and still sound amazing. Really beautifully made. The only negative I have is that i wish it had a bit more bass ,but then if it did I'm sure that will change the overall sound. JM Biren. The bigger the deviation the stronger the effect. Cristal clear flat frequency response with an incredible low end response for being a 4" setup. I desire a pair of headphones that sound great to me without an equalizer, though I do use Amara sQ+ along with my iMac as my primary source. Positives: Die oberen Frequenzen sind so erstaunlich linear und die Übergänge absolut perfekt: Der Clear ist in der Lage, die feinsten Details der Musik wiederzugeben, wodurch das Hörerlebnis absolut realistisch ist. But there are detail differences, of course. A little bit bright, but this means you can listen at low levels as well and not sacrifice any detail. No buyer’s remorse on the Focal Clear. They rest on your head and the perforated memory foam micro fibre covered ear cups almost disappear, and at 450g that’s no easy feat, but it’s just you and the music. The Focal Clear is so revealing that it's brutally unforgiving. Absolutely perfect sound (not very far from the Utopias...:-)), with a low going and punchy bass and a very wide scene with mids and highs smoothly immersed in the total sound expression. The Clear Headphones are incredible straight out of the box. Eine absolute Kaufempfehlung, auch zum handelsüblichen Preis. Last edited: Jun 14, 2020. In jazz I liked the exact stage and the far better width of the Clear. I'm pretty impressed with Clear, although I've still heard little. Quite easy to drive too, and comfortable to wear. Again, the Elear is absolutely the first choice compared to its competitor. But Focal does have some headphones that cost less than $3,000. A new production line specifically for Clear in Saint-Etienne, France develops the headphone's lightweight components. Auditioning Focal’s Clear headphones is like choosing the red pill from The Matrix. This driver design, also common to Focal’s Utopia and Elear headphones, creates a solid soundstage in front of you, similar to traditional loudspeakers. Nothing stands out in particular and yet very musical. The bass was punchy, yet the sound is neutral. amazing resolution. Looking at how the Utopia measures on the MiniDSP EARS rig, I’m reminded again of how inaccurate this system is. I’ve come to the conclusion there is no perfect headphone, but if I can check the most boxes and the sound reproduction is satisfying, I can find a really great pair or two. Stundenlangem Musikgenuss steht nun nichts mehr im Wege. They stand out a bit more than the Elear but still have a more neutral look. INCREDIBLE Headphones. Such a design is a two-edged sword to be sure. Listening in environments with outside noise or a high noise floor will be challenging. I’ll start by saying that the sound stage on the Sennheiser 800S is breathtaking. really. It is specifically designed to distribute the weight of the headphones across the entire head so that it feels lighter and more balanced than in would … The Focal Clear, which is the subject of this review, is not an inexpensive product at $1500, but in my testing the Focal Clear is a best in class design in terms of sound and ergonomics. By definition on, I am an audiophile. The Elegia are great looking headphones, and they are fairly similar to their open-back variant, the Focal Elear, with slight differences. Here’s the frequency response of the left and right ears as measured on the MiniDSP EARS headphone rig: Disclaimer: ... Take the similarly priced Focal Clear, for example. I found myself becoming impatient if a track couldn’t live up to Clear’s penchant for perfection. Very good build quality and gorgeous sound. Keine Verfärbungen und eine hervorragende Isolation: Der Klang ist von den ersten Sekunden des Hörens an natürlich und realistisch. We steer you to products you'll love and show you how to get the most out of them. The bigger the deviation the stronger the effect. I have always loved the sound quality of these Plantar Magnetic sound signatures. I found that Clear delivered a superb response across the entire frequency range. Dank der Mikrolöcher mit einem Durchmesser von einem Millimeter am äußeren Rand vermittelt der Kopfhörer den Eindruck eines sehr weiten Raums. Comfortable to wear, pristine sound quality, well controlled bass and treble and perfectly suited to my choice of jazz / blues. Elear and Clear are both wonderful. Klanglich sind beide auf einem tollen Niveau. The Clear bridges the gap perfectly between the Elear and the Utopia, finally giving you an option between their price points. I stream most of my music from Tidal yet I also use Spotify for playlists and Apple Music, as my sizeable library integrates so well with iTunes. Paired with my Fiio M15 and A&K SE100, the Focal Clear sound stunning. The sound is detailed, revealing open and clear. Clear: The Clears are closer to the Sundaras than the 6xx. Focal’s premium headphones aren’t necessarily cheap, but after reviewing the Focal Utopia and Focal Stellia headphones, it’s easy to say that they’re worth the money for the right buyer. It is also unfortunate that the earpad replacements are quite pricy. My end-game headphone. I've used them with with my computer, Note 8 , my Ipod connected by a Oppo Ha2, Oppo UDP 205 Blu Ray player and my Astell & Kerns SE 100 and they all sound so amazing, of course to various degrees. But there are detail differences, of course. Breathtaking! Very well made and sound astonishing, hopefully sound will improve as they are burnt in. Using the xlr connection the Monoprice claims 6W/ch @32ohms. It’s uncanny how light and relatively pressure-free these headphones feel given their size and 450-gram weight. Legendary comfort provides hours of listening without cranial 'hot spots'. What I was hoping for in a high end open dynamic driver headphone, definitely great! Not really run-in yet but do sound amazingly good and also comfortable. Will always go Focal!! That's the leap in refinement Clear delivered. Sonderaktion! Excellent balanced sound. They are the most comfortable headphones I've every worn. In each case I drive them with very good headphone amps/ DACs, which I think is a must, but not absolutely essential with the Clears. Sound quality AAA I also have the focal elear they sound good also but the Clair are a lot more precise on definition and have good bass man you got to hear these and then they will be out of stock hahahahaha. Doch beim Tragekomfor (beide wiegen 450g) spielt der Focal Clear seine Stärken aus. Thanks to the many cutting-edge technology which are integrated in its speaker drivers (the frameless 100% copper voice coil, ‘M’ … No buyer’s remorse on the Focal Clear. Gone is the mid-range dip and uncomfortable pads. The best headphones I ever had, but: Drivers crackle at loud volume. The build quality is top-notch. As I do not have the facilities to measure headphone frequency response or headphone amplifier power output, my measurements were limited to the Focal Arche’s DAC and preamplifier capabilities. I have the bass punch of the LCD-X but not the weight. I didn't want to take them off. Inner headband looks like it will absorb hair products or hair oil and become dirty without being easily cleaned or replaced. Suddenly the language of all voices, including that of the soprano, could be clearly understood. The Clear are a higher sensitivity design, 55 ohms / 104dB, making them compatible with a wider variety of dacs and portable music players. For over a year now I have been buying IEMs and headphones left and right looking for the perfect sound. The sound is lush and inviting, with a beautiful midrange and a delicate, airy top end. They sound great and the are quite comfortable to wear. State-of-the-Art performance.Extremely comfortable. This should be a bad thing, right? In respect of sensitivity, bass extension, distortion and frequency response it is part of the family rather than a loner. Deviations in different severities at different frequency bands have an effect on the sound character. I love the sound of the Clear Headphones. Thanks for a wonderful product Focal, well done! Anyone next to you at a reasonable distance will easily hear what you’re listening to. The mechanical design of the two headphones is the same, but the materials and finishes differ: Utopia uses a pure Beryllium dome, a different magnet, and a different voice coil. very spacious sound, that detaches well from speaker. The good news is that for most of the spectrum Clear manages to stay within +/3dB of a flat response. I also find them to be unforgiving on some of the older tracks I play even on Tidal at 196K. Good for all genres of music. If you're sensitive to other headphones that have a 6kHz and 9kHz spike, this may be a deal-breaker for you - and I would not recommend them. I travel with a pair of Shure 535's which are honest and I can bring up the volume I but do desire a bit more "quality bass punch". Sounds amazing from any source, but the Clear deserves, and benefits from, a good amplifier. Optional: Mit dem Ständer können Sie den Kopfhörer Clear in Ihrer Wohnung in Szene setzen, Focals erster geschlossener High-End-Kopfhörer.
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